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Not so long ago, the office Christmas party was the long-awaited highlight of the year, an epic epic that blurred the lines between colleagues and friends, employees, and superiors in a stream of alcohol and drinking games.

And because of the consequences of this unrestrainedness after innumerable cats and weeks of tedious excuses for excuses, the staff departments spent decades working to transform these wild parties into the courteous, family-friendly, good-natured Christmas celebrations we know today.

“OFFICE CHRISTMAS PARTY is a retrospective of the less civilized time. It’s like looking at the skeleton of a Canis diro at Rancho La Brea, “says producer Scott Stuber. “The Christmas party nowadays is like a pug. It does not hurt anybody and is easy-to-look, but somewhere behind this cuddly surface is still the DNA of a wild beast. ”


“OFFICE CHRISTMAS PARTY is not a religious event,” says T. J. Miller, who plays Coney Vanstone, Zenotek’s branch director in Chicago. “It is rather a celebration of letting go, without the fear of telling the truth to his boss, because one could be fired for it.”

What the two directors Will Speck and Josh Gordon immediately inspired for the project was the idea of a magical night in the professional and social boundaries are not so precisely defined. “It is the one night of a year where wishes can come true, in which people tell themselves the truth, perhaps also with the help of drugs and alcohol,” says Speck.

“OFFICE CHRISTMAS PARTY takes apart the class system,” says Gordon. “Suddenly, all of them – from the top to the bottom – Office Christmas Party review are on the same level and that is a great starting point for a comedy.”

Producer Daniel Rappaport adds: “There is a lot at stake in a Christmas party. Here hopes and dreams are made and here they are also destroyed. You’re always just a drink away from ruining your life. “The original idea came from producer Guymon Casday when a relative told him about a decadent Christmas party of a big company she’d visited.

“She told us anecdotes of the extent of the party and of the fun she had there, and I had the idea that such a party would be the perfect foundation for a comedy not quite youthful,” says Casady. “You can witness the thrill of the foreign shame in the chaos of the film. And even if everything is completely out of control, you do not have to worry about the consequences – not even the cleaning up the next morning. ”

Despite some fantastic elements in the story, the filmmakers went through the story realistically. “We wanted to show a team of people at their dysfunctional point,” explains Casady. “To see how the dams break, the alliances shift and how the relations between people change in the course of the evening. We wanted to keep the fun of this no-consideration-on-loss Christmas party in the center and tell the various interwoven stories of the people in this office. ”

“The party is clearly the star of the film,” says Speck. “But that makes our figures even more important. The characters must be authentic persons with whom one would identify themselves and thus want to spend a crazy party night. Parties are not fun if you do not know anyone. ”

“We wanted each of our figures to stand firmly on the ground with both legs,” says Gordon. “If it gets stupid and silly, you remain as a spectator, because you are already in the middle and want to know how it goes on

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